Asphalt - Blacktop Repair

Apply in any weather down to 10 degrees

Instant, Easy, Permanent Repair


The most effective and unequaled pothole repair product of its kind in the World!

Traffix is simply the very best blacktop repair product available anywhere at any price!!!

Traffix gives you what you cannot get in any other Road Patch

Works in Sub-Freezing Weather

You do not need a bond or primer.

They are built into the formula providing you with a faster, easier application.

Built-In Primer

Use it right after a snowstorm, or a rainstorm.

The pothole does not have to be


Brush out dirt and debris and let Traffix' special compacting agent

fit it to the pothole.

Wet Surface Application

Contains an amazing technical discovery that gives you a time-proven pothole repair that is permanent, immediate and inexpensive.

Other pothole repair products become so hard in cold weather they are useless. Once applied, they quickly loosen and pop out. Never with Traffix.

Traffix bonds perfectly to all types of road construction. Once applied, it stays put.

You can apply it on a wet or dry surface.

Traffix Features and Benefits Include

•  Works in wet, frozen and sub-freezing ground.

•   An instant and permanent repair

•  Will not come up even during extreme temperature changes

•  Built-In primer - Nothing to mix - Ready to use.

•  Foolproof Results

•  No shrinkage after application.

•  Featheredges - no need to vertical chisel.

•  Ready for traffic immediately following application.

•  Indefinite shelf life.

•  Available in convenient 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.

•  No special tools required.

Providing state of the art industrial maintenance products to the world for 65 years

Traffix is used by such well known industries and institutions as:

Baltimore Harbor Tunnel          Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad     Holidays Inns                    St. Joseph Hospital

NASA                                          General Motors                                           Sears                                 USX

Ramada Inns                             Boise Cascade Corporation                        Howard County Schools    Sheraton Hotels

Aberdeen Proving Grounds       Harford Community College                      U.S. Gypsum                      Dupont

Mutual of Omaha                       Maryland State Highways                          Fort Meade                        and thousands more . . .            

• Instant method for leveling and repairing potholes.

• Made with an adhesive asphalt and graded aggregate angular in shape for interlocking compaction.

• All weather repair even on wet surfaces. For asphalt, brick and cement.

• No special tools required. Shovel it into the chuckhole. Tamp with back of shovel, let traffic roll.

• Built-in bonding agent. No mixing. Ready to use.

• Absolutely no down time. You get an immediate permanent repair.

• Covers at a rate of 1 gallon per square foot 2" in depth.

• Apply in layers in deep holes.

• Color: Black.

Used worldwide and proven for over half a century.

Minimum Order: 30 Gallons

5 gallon pail - $118.30 ($23.66 per gallon)

55 gallon drum - $1,270.50 ($23.10 per gallon)

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Temperature does not affect it.

Use  anytime, all winter long.

An all weather repair.

Celebrating 65 Years of  Excellence!!!